Birding at the Sterling Nature Center

@courtesy of the Sterling Nature Center

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Fishing Owasco Lake

Cayuga County has parts of 3 different Finger Lakes located within its boundaries. But, Owasco Lake is the only Finger Lake totally located inside of Cayuga County’s borders. Owasco in the Iroquois language means the passage. The lake is almost 11 miles long and is just over 1-mile across at its widest area. Owasco plummets down to 177-feet at its deepest spot. Information gained by Syracuse…

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Travel back in time and stay at a Historic Inn in Harriet Tubman’s Hometown

By Camille Zess Cayuga County and the Finger Lakes region in general, is a place steeped in history and is an exceptional destination to relax, unwind and have an array of memorable experiences. There are many exciting, educational, delicious, and fun things to choose from in this beautiful part of New York State, depending on what you want to do. Regardless of what’s on your itinerary, everyone…

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Historical Women in the Finger Lakes

March is the perfect month to celebrate the innovative, creative women who live in our area as well as the strong fearless women who carved out a future for us all. We are lucky to live an area that was an epicenter for women’s rights. Let’s take a up close look at a few of the trail blazing women from history. I think you will be amazed at their bravery, their sacrifices, their struggles, and…

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Women Supporting Women Creates Business Boom in Cayuga County

By: Tanya Brothen Small businesses are booming across Cayuga County. All you have to do is visit various Main Streets in the region to see that local bakeries, restaurants, yoga studios, gift shops, and other storefronts are bustling with locals and tourists alike. Look even closer, and you’ll notice that these businesses all have something in common: more and more, they are women-owned…

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2022 is a special year in the world of honoring equal rights. Not only is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the forefront of our society today, this year marks 200 years since the birth of a great American hero and iconic leader in the realm of freedom and equity for all - Harriett Tubman! Although the exact date of her birth is not known, it is believed that she was born in March, and we know…

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