Birding at the Sterling Nature Center

@courtesy of the Sterling Nature Center

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Inspiration for Artists All Over Cayuga County

A drive down any of the country roads in Cayuga County can be inspirational for an artist. Wide open vistas of the Owasco, Skaneateles and Cayuga Lakes, colorful sunsets and dramatic foliage will have photographers oohing, ahing and snapping away. Picturesque farms with side yard vegetable gardens – with zucchini, beans and strawberries for sale at a stand - red barns and tile siloes are the…

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The William Seward Vegetable Garden

Ever wonder what William Seward and his family were growing and eating out of their vegetable garden in the 1860’s? Stop by the historic home at 33 South Street, Auburn to get the answer. There are various herbs like mint and borage, tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, squash and much more. Explore varieties of heirloom plants. A delightful fountain which features two children under an open umbrella…

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Willard Memorial Chapel

Tall, majestic, Romanesque, grey and red stone bursting with history and color~ If you are looking for an historic and strikingly, beautiful chapel go to 17 Nelson Street in Auburn, New York, and you will find a wonderful building of gray limestone and red sandstone that looks as though it was plucked from Rome. It was built in 1892 and served as a chapel for the seminary. The Welch Memorial…

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Cayuga Community College Nature Trail

Cayuga Community College’s Nature Trail A place of beauty and peace blog by Bobbie Panek The sound beneath my feet is crushed gravel and the occasional crackle of dried leaves. Cicada’s sizzle fills the air in the heat of summer and birds call to each other as they flit from tree to tree. A lone rabbit sits beside the path. He’s facing the woods and his big brown eye’s watching me. Quickly he…

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