Birding at the Sterling Nature Center

@courtesy of the Sterling Nature Center

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All Tied Up in Finger Lakes Yarn

Not only are the Finger Lakes beautiful to behold, but Cayuga County is a knitter's paradise, with so many locally spun and dyed yarns available. I learned to knit the summer I was 8 while spending a month with my grandmother. She was always knitting – baby sweaters in mint green for her church’s Holiday Bazaar or, strangely, 24 foot long white cotton bandages for a leper colony in Hawaii. On…

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Give Thanks for the Finger Lakes

This Thanksgiving we have so much to be grateful for. Here in the Finger Lakes we are surrounded by rich, beautiful farmland, long rows of vineyards thick with vines, and the steel blue waters of numerous lakes. We celebrate four seasons each bringing its own unique personality. Right now autumn is abundant with gold, red, and orange hues. Culturally, Cayuga County is bursting with art, music…

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Fall Decorating in the Finger Lakes

This week, I hit one of my favorite farmer’s stands in Cayuga County and picked up a huge pile of “aliens” or as you could call them – gourds. These gnarled and twisted, wart covered, multi-colored vegetables look like they come from some other universe, but they are perfect decorative accents during the fall season. They are a very inexpensive way to bring the nature and color of the Finger Lakes…

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Dorothy Wickenden is coming back to the Finger Lakes

This time Dorothy Wickenden will be at the Morgan Opera House, in Aurora, N.Y. We are fortunate to have this highly acclaimed biographer, who is the executive director of The New Yorker, back in our midst. The book Nothing Daunted tells the story of two young women from Cayuga County who break tradition, were early feminists, and traveled to Colorado to be teachers in the middle of nowhere…

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