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The Finger Lakes Region is a big kettle of nationalities. On any weekend, you can find a Greek, Polish, Scottish, Swedish, German or Italian Festival somewhere in the Finger Lakes. Some nationalities are more dominate today while others have melted into the background. One conspicuous group throughout the Finger Lakes is the Italians.

Across the USA, 11.3% of the population can say they are truly

Finger Lakes Apple Pie

Monday, September 30, 2013 8:00 PM by Susan Marteney

I love to make pies. Come fall in the Finger Lakes, I am ready to pick my own apples and create some excitement in a pie plate! The Finger Lakes is one spot where new varieties of apples are developed due to the proximity to Cornell University. This makes the Finger Lakes one of the best places for apple picking.

For 110 years, Cornell has been developing new tastes in apples. This year, they