Birding at the Sterling Nature Center

@courtesy of the Sterling Nature Center

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Bird watching at the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge is a bird watching paradise. Situated in the Finger Lakes its wet lands where birds, especially geese (Canadian and Snow) and ducks galore stop by for respite. Eagles were recently reintegrated and Osprey nests can be seen on high wire towers along Routes 5 and 20. Located in 3 counties, in the Finger Lakes Region the refuge is open every day. Travel by car is limited in…

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Church Suppers and Potluck Dinners in Cayuga County

I can only say that there are many wonderful restaurants in the Finger Lakes which serve incredible meals using local meats and vegetables, hand-made cheeses and organic greens all created by extremely accomplished chefs. These can be complimented by locally produced wines, beers and distilled beverages. You can even learn how to cook at epicurean spots like the Aurora Inn. But - don’t disregard…

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Family Fun You Can Feel in the Finger Lakes

The Reva Rollerdrome is family fun in the Finger Lakes. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what color your hair is, what language you speak—put on some roller skates and you are cool. I went there this weekend and I was pulled back into the past. Years ago my children went there frequently. Now I can’t wait to bring my grandchildren. Guess what? You know those colorful passes from years ago that…

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