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Ambassador-Julisa Stone
Julisa Stone

Fall at Cayuga County’s State Parks

Do you love fall? Brightly colored leaves? The majestic feel of a brisk day? Stop reading, get into your car, and immediately drive to the park closest to you—now. Peak season for Central New York is the third week of October. This weekend, October 22 and 23, Fair Haven is hosting their Annual Leaf Peepers Weekend. Long ago, I planned a for a long-weekend the second week of October to conquer…

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Fair Haven Porch Fest,2022- A Review

Music on the (Little Sodus) Bay Review of Fair Haven Porch Fest, 2022 Playing at 14492 Fancher Ave, After Six Quartet sang it best during the 2022 Fair Haven Porch Fest… “Let the good times roll/ Don’t care whether you’re young or old/ Let the good times roll.” The second Sunday of August, the village of Fair Haven transforms into a musical destination with more than twenty porches becoming…

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