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Pruning and Tying

The first months of the year are a quiet, peaceful time of rest and rebirth in our vineyard. After Autumn’s harvest, the vines store energy for the upcoming season, shed their remaining leaves, and transition to a state of dormancy. The once lush vineyard is transformed: only the vine trunks and bare canes remain, pointing upwards, and dreaming of their spring awakening. The winter vineyard…

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Celebrate the Fall Season at Treleaven

Wine, food and live entertainment come together the second weekend of October at the annual Harvest Fest at Treleaven by King Ferry Winery. The two-day celebration will kick-off on Saturday, October 10 and run until Sunday, October 11 with the good times beginning at 10AM each day. The whole weekend will be packed with events for friends and families of all ages. From the all-ages grape stomp to…

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