Meet the latest winner of our monthly drawing from our E-Learning Program Participants! Congratulations to Dawn Jordan, one of recent graduates and winner of the $100 BID gift certificate raffle.  Dawn is one of the talented painters at MacKenzie-Childs' studio located in Aurora, NY.  She is a local advocate of the arts with many talents that she uses to support OUR community!  Whether you catch her at a local puppet show performance at the Schweinfurth Art Center or visit one of her many murals within the county, Dawn spreads joy throughout the region with a love for art, history and the Erie Canal.  She has taken out the time to share her thoughts on the e-learning program and the importance of being a tourism advocate!  

The Cayuga County Tourism E-learning program was surprisingly fun and informative.

I grew up in this area, but after graduating, I left for a few years and lived in cloudy England and then in sunny Florida.  Over the years I’ve spent some time traveling, but I can confidently say, our area in Central NY has got more going for it, than many places in the world.

The waterway varieties are top notch.

For instance, I live in Auburn, my kayak is stored in the boat launch area in Owasco Lake, 5 minutes away. My full time job is at MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, painting furniture, it is situated on Cayuga Lake, 25 minutes away, I often pop down to the lake at lunch time. I jointly own a camp on leased land on Otter Lake, 25 minutes away. My favorite beach is Fair Haven, about 40 minutes away.  My dad's home, is on Cross Lake, that filters into waterways that can take you anywhere, it’s 30 minutes away. The Erie Canal, though not for swimming, is a world wonder, with an interesting history and ongoing canal activities.

All these bodies of water, of close proximity,  have their own distinct sand, stones, driftwood, seaweeds, and fish. Few places in the world can brag of such diversity with their waterways.

Living in Auburn has been for me a perfect place, reasons, it is a great size, not so big you are lost, and not so small you are confined.  Walking into a store and recognizing and saying hello to friends and neighbors, is a wonderful attribute.

About me, I’m known for my historical murals along the Erie Canal, set painting for Auburn Junior High, various pictorial signs, portraits, and art festivals.

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Thank you so much for this program, shedding the light and promoting our historical, interesting, beautiful area.