During her life, Harriet Tubman persevered in carrying out various humanitarian missions – from freeing enslaved individuals, to her continued work which included creating the Home for the Indigent and Aged. This tenacity would touch the lives of so many, even to this day.

Persevering to see something through can be challenging – especially when facing obstacles and adversity. At the start of each year, people all around the world make resolutions in the hopes of making long-lasting changes that will have a positive effect on their lives, and maybe even the lives of others.

In the spirit of Living Like Harriet Tubman (#belikeHarriet), as well as making a fresh start in 2023, we’re highlighting common New Year’s resolutions and will show you how you can keep them in Harriet Tubman’s chosen hometown of Cayuga County.

Get Active

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is related to activity level or weight loss. While we’re not doctors or medical professionals, we have a few suggestions on how you can get active in Cayuga County, which could lead to benefits like getting more sleep and weight loss:

  • Start by walking. Auburn is a walkable city with great sites and history. Need some inspiration on where to start? Check out this blog about ways you can walk in Harriet Tubman’s shoes around the city of Auburn.
  • Looking to kick things up a notch? Visit Emerson Park for some scenic walking or running, swimming or chasing kids around the playground. Canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding are other great ways to get active, and Owasco Paddles has you covered there!
  • Consider fitness classes or a gym membership. Pay the team at the Finger Lakes Health & Fitness Center a visit and see which options can fit into your routine. Or, if you’re looking for something a little different, Zen Den offers yoga classes for all different levels – plus, it’s a great way to help find your center and calm.

Winter at Emerson Park


Save Money by Shopping Local

Keeping our wallets full or having more cash to put aside is always a helpful thing. Something you could do in Cayuga County to help save money is to shop locally! Here are some ideas on where to bring your business:

  • Support Black-owned businesses by patronizing restaurants and stores, as well as utilizing services. Choose to treat yourself or a loved one – no matter what, you’ll be giving back to the community while empowering people of color who are following in Harriet Tubman’s footsteps.
  • During a time when women were fighting for their rights, Harriet Tubman’s determined spirit didn’t let that stop her from being an entrepreneur! So be sure to support the woman-owned businesses in Cayuga County who are building their own legacies.

Open Sign being held



Many of us wish to see more of the world in the new year and traveling offers great benefits: getting away from the day-to-day is a great way to unplug and take time for yourself. Also, planning a trip is a great way to bond with loved ones. Why not start right here in Cayuga County?

  • Ready to be entertained? Venues like the Auburn Public Theater put on productions that include music, acting, comedy and more. You can also check out the Schweinfurth Art Center to see creative exhibits or take an art class. Looking for history? As we mentioned before, Auburn is a city filled with history, and you’ll find museums and historic sites around just about any corner. Be sure to also check our events page to see what may be happening during your next visit!
  • When it’s time to nourish yourself, you’ll find plenty of good eats here. Choose to keep it casual with diners and cafés or put on your best digs and dine at a steakhouse or upscale lounge. And remember: you’re in the Finger Lakes – so a winery isn’t too far away!
  • Settle in for the evening at one of Cayuga County’s hotels, bed and breakfasts, or campgrounds.

Hibercation brought to you by Cayuga County - relax by the fireplace


Live Your Best Life

At the end of the day, we all want to spend the year making the most out of life, and we hope the suggestions we’ve shared so far will help you get there. Here are a few more businesses in Cayuga County that may help you get organized, set yourself up for success and elevate your life even more.

  • There’s nothing like starting or ending your day in a clean space! If hiring a cleaning service works for you, consider giving Sister’s Cleaning Service a call to help keep your space fresh and clutter free.
  • “Heal the body. Quiet the mind. Renew the Spirit.” This is the motto at The Irish Daisy/Catalfano Massage Therapy, and we invite you to check out their products and services to see what may help your achieve the stress-relief and relaxation you may be looking for. Or spend a relaxing day at the Spa at the Inns of Aurora, where you can enjoy a holistic approach to wellness through a series of treatments that provide deep healing and harmony in your body and mind.


  • We’ve noted Harriet Tubman’s perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit throughout this blog, and maybe it has inspired you to start or continue your own business endeavors – but perhaps you need a space that will help you achieve these goals. We’ve got you covered. For women looking to strengthen their business skills without the infrastructure to do so, Melody’s is a great place to start. This hybrid co-working, event and retail space can help take the guesswork out of where to set up shop if you’ve got a business venture you’d like to pursue.