Everyone will be a ‘Cookie Monster’ once they visit Fly By Night Cookie Company in Fair Haven. This unique shop on the shores of Lake Ontario features homemade pastries in the old world tradition, made from scratch with real eggs, butter, and fresh fruit from local farms. No chemicals and no preservatives! Sixty-five varieties of homemade cookies and pastries are available all the time. Serve yourself and then relax on Bonnie’s (the owner & baker) front porch with your bag of cookies and a glass of lemonade or ice tea. You’ll feel like you’ve truly found heaven on earth! Ladies love the famous PMS cookie, a delicious mixture of moist chocolate cookie and mint frosting (think mint chocolate chip ice cream in cookie form), but all the cookies are fabulous. You would be hard pressed to find a cookie you did not like. Want the whole cookie shop experience? Don a hat and apron and work a shift with the head cookie herself! www.fairhavenny.com/cookiecompany/