National Travel & Tourism Week: Ambassador Edition

Tourism Ambassador Julisa Stone

  1. Travel means to me: Adventure - the thrill of seeing and enjoying new places, people, and tasty bites!Ambassador-Julisa Stone
  2. I chose to be a tourism ambassador because: I love Cayuga County and everything it has to offer from State Park camping, community celebrations like Fair Haven's 4th of July week and Moravia's Bathtub Races, the array of women owned small business delicacies from Little Yard Farm soups in Moravia, Farm Girl Greens in Sennett, Little Cow Ice Cream in Union Springs, Macarons from Moonflower in Auburn,  and those gluten blueberry muffins of heaven at the Hardware Cafe in Fair Haven.
  3. My favorite thing to do/place to go in Cayuga County is: There are so many amazing things to do and places to visit in Cayuga County. If I had to pick one thing to share, it would be the annual Porch Fest event that the Sterling Cidery coordinates each summer. It is such a unique experience following a map of downtown Fair Haven to enjoy live music from blue grass musicians. While craft beer is booming in our area-- when you are gluten free nothing tastes better than the ciders at Sterling Cidery, my fingers are crossed for the Bilge Water to return this season. It is also a great opportunity to check out all of the shops, visit the Fair Haven Arts Center, grab some street food from Brandon's, enjoy a specialty cocktail from Stick & Rudder-- all while meeting great people in the community and enjoying the views of the bay. 
  4. Travel & Tourism is important because: It keeps our communities going. There are so many unique things about Cayuga County that we need to show off to the world so that more and more people can enjoy them-- and fuel stability and growth. Without tourism, these small villages would struggle to survive. 


Tourism Ambassador: Beonca LouisAmbassador- Beonca Lewis

  1. Travel means to me: Travel is an opportunity to interact with different people and learn more about the world all while having fun and making memories! 
  2. I chose to be a tourism ambassador because: I love Cayuga County! As a wife, mommy, and entrepreneur this community has been a safe  space where we can flourish as a family. It’s so special and exciting to call this beautiful historical place home! 
  3. My favorite thing to do/place to go in Cayuga County is: Auburn, NY there is so much to explore like beautiful parks, restaurants, and historical sites, plus the emphasis on economic development and the support of small businesses makes this city an awesome atmosphere full of creativity and collaboration. 
  4. Travel & Tourism is important because: It give people the chance to get out of their comfort zones, connect with others, and witness the beauty all around them. 


Tourism Ambassador: Dawn JordanAmbassador- Dawn Jordan

  1. Travel means to me: Stepping outside of our own surroundings and experiencing life outside of our routines.
  2. I chose to be a tourism ambassador because: I am proud of the area I live in. I hope that Cayuga County will stay strong and grow in positive ways.
  3. My favorite thing to do/place to go in Cayuga County is: Kayaking or other boating on any lake or canal. Owasco lake the most, because it is shallow, so it warms up quickly.  The hills towards the south of the lake show off a lovely patchwork of farms, fields, and trees.
  4. Travel & Tourism is important because: Travel is a window into other people’s lives, allowing us to possibly understand others better by experimenting their world. Travel is educating in real time. People who travel usually have stories to tell, that alone can make them more interesting. Tourism is important for many reasons, including what I said above but also bringing in revenue to area’s that would benefit from customer service, sales etc.


Special thank you to David Owens, Owens Illustrations for the stunning portrayal of our Ambassadors!