"Lived up to all the hype"

What if you could have the best wings in Cayuga county and the pizza to match? Served crunchy and crispy with hot sauce that sticks to the wings and pooled at the bottom of the bowl. Yes our wings came in a bowl. 

New York pizzeria is located in Cato New York, about 15 minutes north of auburn. You wouldn’t expect much from a pizza place located in a town of about 2,000 people and one main intersection. 

We decided to try “the pizza place in Cato”. So we drove to and through the small town, debating on the way; where we’ve each had the best pizza and wings locally. Once arrived we were greeted at the door, before it even finished closing. The employees, who were busy cooking and frying away in an assembly line fashion, didn’t miss the opportunity to greet us while still moving fast and efficiently. 

When we approached the counter, we could smell and almost taste the aroma of all the food being prepared. We both ordered two pepperoni slices, a dozen wings,a blue cheese and a soda. Once we ordered we went and sat down in the spacious dinning area in-front of a 50 inch tv to watch college basketball while our food was being made. We observed the cleanliness of the entire building and the friendly chatter among the employees, who seemed to really enjoy the work they were doing. 

Before much conversation had started, two of the employees each carrying our pizza slices and sodas came to our table and told us to enjoy our slices while we were waiting for our wings to finish up. Jose ordered regular hot wings, while I ordered extra crispy; so I knew mine would take a little longer. 

While watching college basketball, we conversed about how large our slices were and how perfect the cheese was. It was the first time We could remember that we didn’t finish eating our slices while we waited for some wings to be finished. We were still stuffing our faces with them, when the wing cook personally brought out our wings in a bowl. He told us to enjoy and if we had any issues please let him know. As he was leaving and our mouths were still processing the second of the two perfect slices. The wings sat in-front of us, in a medium size bowl steaming and glimmering of a perfect glazed red. 

We quickly finished our slices and pushed the plate to the side. As I grabbed my first wing and was shocked and amazed on the perfect crunchiness and flavor. Jose and I both nodded in our silent agreement and went from the first to last wing without much talk in between. Only noticing the constant traffic for pickup orders, that seemed like was nonstop. 

From the first wing to the last, I can truly say  the flavor was perfect. I was depressed that I only ordered a dozen and quickly contemplated ordering a dozen more to go, but talked myself out of it. As we cleaned up or area and proceeded to the door we were thanked by the all the staff at the counter for coming and I thanked them for the amazing experience. 

I can sincerely say that “the pizza place in Cato” known as New York pizzeria was amazing and lived up to all the hype from almost anyone who loves pizza and wings. 

Shawn and Jose 

Flawless Cutz Barbershop

Shawn & Jose of Flawless Cutz