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What’s in a name?
Plato’s Haze, Paper Money, Milliard’s, Arriba Chili Peppers

Have you ever wondered how some beers got their name?  Boring names can imply a boring beer and easy names are not memorable. It’s not easy naming a beer!

When deciding on names for our beers, the four partners discuss ideas, and we make a consensus decision.  Summerhill has a rich history that many are not aware of, so it has been fun to learn and share a little of our local heritage.  We usually like to taste the finished product before deciding on a name, however, the style and ingredients of the beer play a role in the name as well as the taste. Customers often pick beers based on names and then base it on style and ingredients. For example, a beer made with 100% NYS ingredients is appealing to beer lovers. A fun name such as Arriba Chili Pepper piques interest in a sample.

Summerhill brewing

Some fun facts about a few of our beer names:

Millard’s American Ale – Since Millard Fillmore, our 13th President, was born in Summerhill, we thought we should name a beer for him. This beer is 100% NYS ingredients. Bathtub Brew was a suggestion during our naming discussion, since Millard Fillmore is associated with putting the first bathtub in the White House, and homemade fermented beverages were sometimes referred to as bathtub brews. However, we decided that name was not appealing, and perhaps a brew named after a president was a bit more noble.

Summerhill Brewing Collection - OUR CayugaNaked Neighbor Amber Ale-Of course we had to name a beer after the long-established nudist camp in Summerhill. What would be more appropriate than an amber ale?

Paper Money IPA – This was named for Summerhill resident Elbridge G. Spaulding, a US Congressman who drafted our nation’s Currency Bank Bill creating our national paper currency. At the time, IPAs were gaining popularity and we felt this would be a money maker. Who couldn’t use a little metaphorical mojo?!

Plato’s Haze IPA – Summerhill was once part of the Revolutionary War Military Tract named Plato. However, when it was discovered that the name Plato was already taken, a local prominent settler, Daniel J. Shaw suggested the name Summerhill after a place near Dublin Ireland, and the name was adopted. Are we seeing a theme yet?

53N 6W Irish Red Ale – Continuing with the Irish heritage, this beer’s name is the coordinates of Summerhill Ireland.

We have fun naming beers, and our customers often like to hear the story behind them. Some other fun names of beers we have made are Wild Thing, Just the Tip, Summerhill Sunset, Abigail’s Tonic, Farmer’s Tan, Garage Sale Pale Ale, Iron Plow Porter; Sugar Shack Maple Stout, just to name a few. Anyone somewhat familiar with the area, can guess why we chose the name. 

Get to know Summerhill Brewing

Summerhill is a family business offering a variety of hand-crafted ales in a setting like no other--tucked off of NY Route 90, in the countryside of summerhill. They strive to be an asset and a support to the community, using local products and services whenever possible.

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Stop by and enjoy live music, great food, and amazing brews, made right on the premises.

This destination is worth the trip up the hill!!

For more information visit: https://www.summerhillbrewing.com/home