COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Hello Cayuga County,

It is within these difficult times that it is most important to support our community. Our small family owned businesses will be suffering financially due to the various restrictions regarding large gathering and reduced limited capacity in venues. Couple that with our health concerns for ourselves, our family members and our communities, it will be financially detrimental to local independent businesses owners. Let’s remember to be kind to one another and support our local businesses. With the idea of social distancing, we might tend to steer to the big chain stores for one stop shopping, but the impact to our local economy and small business owners is a big one. There are many ways to support them and ensure we keep the way of life we value.

As a resident

  • Support our restaurants. How about picking up a to go order. Then you can cozy up with your family and share special moments at home. Or call the restaurant you would have dined out at and purchase a gift card for yourself, a little promise to treat yourself out once the situation settles, and a reminder to your local favorite place of your support to their business.
  • Where you going out to a show or a venue that was cancelled? Instead of asking for a refund, how about offering your admission fee as a donation. The arts are critical to our community and we should be donating anyway!
  • Buy online, so many of our businesses offer an online purchasing options to their products. Coffee, tea, chocolate, you name it. Check out the online stores of your favorite local retailers.
  • Rate them online, after you have bought your gift card and/or gotten your order delivered. Rate your experience online, this will lead many others to learn about local business owners and support them as well.
  • Sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media, you’ll find out about specials and things they are doing to get their product to you.


As a business

  • There are various relief funds in consideration for small businesses. The SBA is preparing to provide up to $2 million in disaster assistance loans to businesses impacted by the outbreak.
  • Check out the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce resource page developed specifically to support our businesses during this crisis.
  • Be aware of the added recommendations from New York State’s Department of Health, they are there to keep all of us safe. Inform your customers that you’re keeping up with all health recommendations and that you’re everything possible to keep their health top of mind. 


Information from NYS regarding cleaning and disinfection of public and private facilities for COVID-19.


Stay informed, but don’t overdo it. Ensure you use credible resources: