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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in Harriet Tubman’s Hometown

During her life, Harriet Tubman persevered in carrying out various humanitarian missions – from freeing enslaved individuals, to her continued work which included creating the Home for the Indigent and Aged. This tenacity would touch the lives of so many, even to this day. Persevering to see something through can be challenging – especially when facing obstacles and adversity. At the start of each…

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Support Local, Black-Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

Support Local, Black-Owned Businesses This Holiday Season Sustaining the Legacy of Harriet Tubman The Cayuga County community continues to live out the legacy of our historic resident, Harriet Tubman, through a variety of businesses, shops, and services in the area. In addition to her bravery, Tubman was a highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman in her time. She augmented her low income…

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Underground Rail Road Secrets Come Home

The month of September is recognized as International Underground Railroad Month. It was during this month when two of the most recognized freedom seekers, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, escaped from slavery in Maryland. Both Tubman and Douglass chose to live their lives as free people in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Frederick Douglass lived in Rochester, NY and…

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Celebrate Harriet Tubman with Ice Cream, Cookies and Candy!

May is usually welcomed with warm, spring air, budding trees and beautiful flowers. And in Cayuga County, the month also means you can start to enjoy the wonderfully delicious tastes, sights and scents of the treats offered on the Finger Lakes Sweet Treat Trail. Beginning May 1st, farmers’ markets, bakeries, stores, and cafés offer something special to please your sweet tooth. Whether it’s ice…

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