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George Fiorille

Local resident and avid fisherman.

Fish Cayuga County’s Small Lakes in Winter

Fishing Cayuga County’s Small Lakes in Winter By George Fiorille Cayuga County offers anglers a wide range of lake sizes to fish. The scope goes from a couple of hundred acres to several miles such as Cayuga and Lake Ontario. The small lakes such as Cross Lake, Duck Lake, Otter Lake and Lake Como, just may be at their best during the cold-water periods of winter. While these shallower lakes…

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Fishing Lake Ontario

Fishing the Big O, Lake Ontario Cayuga County has a vast number of lakes and waterways teaming with fish. The largest body that lies partially in Cayuga County is Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is not only the widest-sweeping lake, but also has the greatest spectrum of fish in its waters. From cold water fish such as trout and salmon, it also holds world class fishing for vast schools of warm water…

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Fishing in Cayuga Lake

Cayuga Lake is the largest Finger Lake that lies partially in Cayuga County. The lake is approximately 39 miles long. Cayuga Lake is the second deepest Finger Lake reaching a maximum depth of 435 feet deep. It has an average of 180-feet deep but the very northern end of 10 miles, only reaches 18-feet at the deepest point. The lake averages 1.7 miles in width with the widest area near Aurora at 3.5…

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Fishing Owasco Lake

Cayuga County has parts of 3 different Finger Lakes located within its boundaries. But, Owasco Lake is the only Finger Lake totally located inside of Cayuga County’s borders. Owasco in the Iroquois language means the passage. The lake is almost 11 miles long and is just over 1-mile across at its widest area. Owasco plummets down to 177-feet at its deepest spot. Information gained by Syracuse…

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Fishing on Skaneateles Lake

Cayuga County has some great bodies of water for fishing. They range in size from Lake Ontario to the smallest one, Lake Como. Of the 3 Finger Lakes located in Cayuga County, Skaneateles Lake is the clearest of them all. Years ago, Skaneateles was one of the only few bodies of water in the entire United States that were listed as an AAA rated water for clarity and purity. The Native American…

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Big Fish Time in Cayuga

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. It’s obviously a sign that fall is on the way. With the arrival of fall, lakes and other waterways in Cayuga County are getting void of pleasure boaters. This in turn leaves area waters more open for anglers. The coming of fall with its cooler air and water temps, jump start fish into feeding before the winter slow down period…

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Summer Time is Fishing Fun Time in Cayuga County

Summer Time Fishing Fun Anglers who fish out in boats along with shore fishermen, can have lots of success during the summer in Cayuga County. Whether you fish for trout, bass, or panfish, you can find shallow fish and deep fish on our area waters. Fishermen who enjoy getting up early in the morning often have more luck than those who sleep in and get out later during the summer. The old quote of…

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It's Spring Fishing

Springtime Fishing Just like bears emerging from their dens after a long winter nap, anglers in Cayuga County are counting the days until spring arrives to go fishing. If you are one of the area's fishermen who didn’t experience the winter ice fishing or open water angling in hopes of warmer weather, your time has come. Spring fishing in Cayuga County opens up a wide array of angling opportunities…

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Cayuga County’s Winter Wonderland Fisheries

Wintertime doesn’t have to be boring with a case of cabin fever for anglers in Cayuga County. Cayuga County sports several different fisheries that can be experienced through the ice and on open waters. Before you venture out on any body of water during the winter, there’s some things to take into consideration to have a pleasurable experience. First, make sure you dress warmly in layers…

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