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Beat the Winter Blues:
Join Us for Hibercation Saturdays at Izzo’s White Barn Winery!

As the winter chill sets in and the days grow shorter, it’s all too easy to succumb to the temptation of hibernation. But why let the cold weather keep you cooped up indoors when you can embrace the spirit of hibercation and discover the warmth and charm of Izzo’s White Barn Winery?

Located amidst the serene countryside, Izzo’s White Barn Winery is the perfect destination for those seeking a reprieve from the winter doldrums. And now, we’re excited to invite you to join us for Hibercation Saturdays, where you can indulge in a day of relaxation, wine tasting, and good company from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just looking for a change of scenery, our Saturday hours offer the ideal opportunity to escape the confines of home and immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance of our winery. Take a leisurely stroll through our vineyards, bask in the warmth of our tasting room, and treat your taste buds to an array of exquisite wines crafted with care and passion.

Can’t make it on a Saturday? Not to worry! We also offer appointments on Fridays and Sundays through March, so you can experience the magic of Izzo’s at a time that suits your schedule. Simply give us a call to arrange your visit, and we’ll ensure that your hibercation experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

But what exactly is hibercation, you ask? It’s part hibernation and part vacation. It’s the antidote to cabin fever, a chance to break free from the monotony of winter and embrace the joy of getting out and doing something locally. Whether you’re sipping wine by the fire pit, sampling our delicious hangout menu, or simply enjoying the company of friends, hibercation at Izzo’s is sure to lift your spirits and rejuvenate your soul.

So why wait for spring to arrive when you can start hibercating right now? Join us at Izzo’s White Barn Winery and discover the magic of winter in the countryside. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms and a glass of fine wine. Cheers to hibercating in style!