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Mosaic in shades of blue  in the center is a  gold oval  with a picture of Harriet Tubman inside

Brushstrokes of Freedom: Exploring Auburn’s Harriet Tubman-Inspired Art

Auburn is rich with the history and legacy of Harriet Tubman, a remarkable freedom fighter and abolitionist. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate this American icon during your trip, bundle up and immerse yourself in the outdoor art scene, all while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of Cayuga County. Here’s a curated list of public art featuring Harriet Tubman that you won’t want to miss.

Bronze Statue in the Equal Rights Heritage Center Courtyard:

Start your journey at the Equal Rights Heritage Center, where a striking bronze statue of Harriet Tubman stands. This life-sized sculpture serves as a powerful testament to Tubman’s spirit and commitment to equality – and makes for a great photo opp, too!

Harriet Tubman Memorial Mosaic at Genesee Center:

Make your way across the street where you’ll discover the Harriet Tubman Memorial Mosaic,

Located on the rear wall of Genesee Center, facing Lincoln Street. A tribute to Tubman’s life and achievements, the mosaic artistry beautifully captures the essence of her story, providing a visually stunning experience for visitors.

Harriet Tubman: Her Life in Freedom Mural on Genesee and North Streets:

Venture to the corner of Genesee and North Streets to witness the vibrant Harriet Tubman mural commissioned by the Harriet Tubman Boosters. This mural vividly portrays key moments from Tubman’s life in freedom, creating a dynamic and engaging visual narrative. Take a moment to appreciate the artistry and the dedication behind this impactful mural.

“Harriet Tubman: Life Cycle of a Freedom Fighter” Sculpture in Freedom Park:

Continue your journey to Freedom Park on North Street, near the Owasco River bridge. The “Harriet Tubman: Life Cycle of a Freedom Fighter” sculpture, comprised of three metal bicycles, represents three different periods of Tubman’s life. This unique artwork offers a fresh perspective on her journey as a freedom fighter. 

Plaque with description of art

Exploring outdoor art can be chilly, so make sure to bundle up! To enhance your experience, consider these nearby warm-up stops where you can continue to learn about the history of Auburn.

Gretchen’s Confections:

Head to Gretchen’s Confections to try their Tubman-themed Truffle, “Land of Milk and Honey.” Featuring malted milk white chocolate ganache and a layer of honey caramel inside a dark chocolate shell, it is one delectable treat crafted with care. Savor the rich flavors while appreciating the welcoming ambiance of this local confectionery.

Cafe 108

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up or a cozy meal during your trip, consider Cafe 108! Between a variety of cold and warm drinks, tasty baked goods, and flavorful breakfast and lunch offerings, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Prison City Brewing

Choose between Prison City’s two locations: State Street or North Street for a variety of craft beers that will take the chill off. May we recommend Hibercation? It’s a light porter made with Madagascar & Tahitian vanilla beans that pairs perfectly with a visit that’s equal parts hibernation and vacation