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In honor of Harriet Tubman, the Cayuga County Office of Tourism is proud to unveil a brand-new Harriet Tubman poster. Created in collaboration with David Owens of Owens Illustrations and rangers from the National Park Service at the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, the poster depicts Tubman as she might have looked during her early years in Auburn standing in front of the AME Zion Church on Parker Street—the location where she herself attended services and where her funeral was held, March 1, 1913. 

Designed not only to honor Harriet Tubman’s legacy but also to encourage residents and visitors alike to “explore national history in Cayuga County,” this poster is the first in a series of five that Tour Cayuga will be releasing throughout 2024 highlighting historical figures of note who resided within the county.

The Tubman poster will be available for free (beginning March 10) from the Cayuga County Tourism Office in the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center. Request your poster by contacting the Tour Cayuga Office at 315-255-1658 or

Harriet Tubman, was a former slave who fought tirelessly to free other slaves by assisting them in fleeing their captors. She was a conductor on the Undergound Railroad and is credited with being the most successful conductor along the route . She was also a Civil War Hero, serving in the U.S. Army as a scout, spy, nurse and was the first women in U.S history to lead a military expedition! Click here learn more about Harriet Tubman’s life and legacy.

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