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Explore Cayuga County’s Food Truck Scene

food truck -noun  a large vehicle equipped with facilities for cooking and selling food.
“new gourmet food trucks take the street food game to a higher level”

It used to be when I heard the word food truck it brought up images of hot dogs, cotton candy and candy apples. But not anymore! Today, food trucks have evolved into so much more, they now offer menus and cuisine that rival any brick and mortar restaurant. Many food truck owners/cooks are skilled chefs who have a great deal of passion for what they do. It is their desire to serve great food and make their customers happy. 

 In the past few year’s food trucks have become increasingly popular among Americans. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of food trucks operating in the U.S. nearly doubled in the past 10 years.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Out a Food Truck in Cayuga County

1.   They Offer Great, Authentic Food

The ingredients used in food trucks are typically fresh, and your meal is prepared on the spot when you order. There is usually a wide range of options to choose from so everyone can choose exactly what they have a craving for. A sense of adventure always accompanies a food truck meal.

2. They are Affordable

Typically, gourmet options come at gourmet prices, but when it comes to food trucks, you can often get quality food without the hefty price tab.

3. Food Trucks are a Fun Way to Try Something New

Another one of the good things about food trucks is the vast variety of cuisines they bring to the community. There’s almost always a new cuisine to try! Of course, if you want hot dogs and burgers, you can probably find a food truck for that, too. 

4. They are Easy to Access

Yet another reason for the huge popularity of food trucks is their convenience. They tend to go where the people are, so you can often find fresh, hot food where there was none before.  Also, ingredients tend to be very fresh, and you can’t get much fresher preparation than a chef preparing your meal to order and handing it to you within seconds of plating it.

5.  Food Trucks are Growing in Popularity
 Let’s be honest, food trucks are still a novelty in most markets so people who go to them feel like they’re ahead of the curve and super on-trend with their dining choices. 

hamburger and French Fries

Food Trucks to Try in The Finger Lakes

Most food trucks do not have a website, but they usually have a Facebook page. In fact, Facebook is probably the best way to track the truck. Another way to track your favorite food truck is through or on Facebook visit 315 Food Truck Finder

Below is a listing of a just few food trucks you might want to try out in Cayuga County: 
Friendly Falafel– Serves delicious, scratch made Greek and Mediterranean Food
Tonzi’s Catering Co– Enjoy traditional summer fare, hamburgers, sausage, hotdogs and more!
Phat Kat Taco’s – Fresh Mexican food from taco’s to taco salads
Real Pit BBQ-Enjoy smoked meat with a sweet hickory flavor!
Parisi’s Food Truck – Fine street foods are served everyday along side a rotating special, there is even something special on the menu for your furry friend!
Leo’s Donuts-Mini-Donuts-Served with your favorite toppings, coffee and cider! Try our
Fast and Fusion–  Specializing in Mexican, Lebanese American Cuisine, Vegetarian and Vegan options available
Muzzi’s D’ Italia Ice– Their Italian Ice recipe has been in the family for over 3 generations coming straight from Italy. They use fresh fruits from the farmers’ market and carry over 25 flavors such as Cherry, Jennalious Grape, and Blue Raspberry. A perfect treat for the lactose intolerant!
Bearded Bear BBQ & Catering– Enjoy a menu of hearty, barbecue favorites with brisket, pulled pork and chicken.
The Busted Yolk– Great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I would love to hear about your culinary adventures, in Cayuga County! E-mail me at and let me know about your experiences, pictures would be great also!