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Little Yard Farm

Cayuga County offers a variety of locally owned, non-chain places to dine from pizzerias, coffee houses, cafes, farm to table restaurants, BBQ, you name it, we have it! Enjoy discovering our charming outdoor patios, our cozy breweries, and wineries all with great Happy Hour specials. It really is all fun and games, and bonus you’re supporting local famers, small business, and sustainable practices! Our culinary scene is blooming!

Don’t forget to pack your appetite when you travel to Cayuga County. Our restaurants, farm stands, craft beverage makers and chefs are ready to welcome you and fill your belly with delicious and locally sourced menus. 

Experience the charm of small-town establishments and the freshness of local ingredients. Meet the people who pour their heart and souls into crafting specialty menus. When you eat and shop at local restaurants and farm stands you are getting a chance to get a real taste of the communities you’re visiting and seeing the impact of where you are spending your money. Because where you spend your money matters. 

Shelves filled with canned goods

We’ve gone around the county to talk to our restauranteurs and chefs to see why they think the food scene in the Finger Lakes is so popular. They also share their favorite dish! Watch our latest video series to get a taste of the heart of the Finger Lakes!

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