March 22, 2017 is National Goof Off Day.  That’s right, there is an actual day designated to give yourself permission to break out of the routine, procrastinate, be silly and just plain avoid doing the mundane tasks of everyday life.   

Goofing off is in fact good for you every once in awhile.  It can relieve stress, increase performance and even improve productivity. Letting lose from time to time opens the door for creativity, experimentation and discovery that can lead to new ideas, solutions and understanding.  

Cayuga County and the Finger Lakes Region provide the perfect location to goof off.  Whether you have an hour or a full day, here are some fun ways to find your inner goofiness in the Finger Lakes.

  • Coffee cupGo Somewhere unexpected.  Visit a local attraction that you have not been to for a while or maybe have never been to.  Maybe visit a museum?  A midweek visit promises to give you quiet time with your favorite pieces of history and art. 

  • Try a new food. How about Fried Green BLT Sliders at the Copper Pig or a mug of Maple Matcha at 3 Leaf Tea? There are so many cool and unique places to dine and sip in Cayuga County!    

  • Do an art project.  Make a stained glass panel.  Learn watercolor techniques. Create an art journal.  The Finger Lakes Art Council in downtown Auburn presents an array of workshops to help you prepare for Goof Off Day with an artistic flair!   

  • Play Outside.  Whether you are with your kids or not, take this opportunity to hike, bike, horseback ride, snowmobile or cross-country ski on one of Cayuga County’s well groomed trails.  

  • See the world 'Through a Child's Eyes.'  The Ward O’Hara Agricultural & Country Living Museum has created an interactive exhibit for children from 2 to 92. Miniature circus displays, model trains, dollhouses and more let you be a kid again if only for an hour or two!