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Photo credit: OnePhoto: 2024 Porch Fest

9 Cool Summer Festivals

Peak summer festival time has arrived in Cayuga County NY! The great thing about festivals is that there are so many different types to choose from ! This summer is full of music, art, cultural, and foodie celebrations all over the country. There’s definitely something for everybody to enjoy!

Check out one (or more) of these 9 cool summer festivals and give yourself
a break from your normal routine.

Join Colloca Estate Winery for it’s 15th Annual Fair Haven BayFest: Paella on the Baya

Savor the flavors of authentic seafood, meat, and vegetarian paellas, all cooked over open flames in monster 42″ pans that serve over 100 people, overlooking Fair Haven Bay. Enjoy the sounds of of Latin-American music by Grupo Pagan that fill the air, as the award-winning Colloca wines, Sangrias, craft beers and ciders, and cocktails flow.

Merriment awaits at the Festival at Warwick Welcome… The year is 1585. You have entered the village of Warwick, England, a small country town not far from the bustling city of London. Step through the beautiful gates and you will soon find yourself greeted by the town’s jubilant citizens, who will warmly welcome you as one of their own. Enjoy daily shows, jousting matches, family games, fine arts, demonstrations and refreshments. Not to be missed is the giant turkey legs and daily parade.

Renaissance Festival - Sterling

The annual 50-mile Route 90 Garage Sale takes on a festival atmosphere each year as friends, families, and the occasional family dog, go searching for surprises. Stretching along the roadside of Route 90, a New York State Scenic Byway, the sale runs from Montezuma in the north, to the Village of Homer at the southern. Along the way you will find everything imaginable from antique andirons to zebra prints and everything in between.  You will also find plenty of creative (and delicious!) food options along the route to help fuel your inner bargain-hunter. Local clubs, fire departments and organizations put on breakfasts, bake sales, and BBQs along the 50-miles.

An old wooden wagon with the Pepsi logo painted on it sits on a checkered tablecloth.

A full weekend of fun! This event is free and includes live music, local craft beer, wine, food, artisan vendors and, of course, the bathtub races. The races are held in honor of Moravia native and former U.S. President Millard Fillmore, and refer to a famous hoax that says he brought the first bathtub into the White House. If you have never seen a bathtub race, you don’t know what you are missing!

Fillmore Glen Bathtub races

The second Sunday of August, the village of Fair Haven transforms into a musical destination with porches becoming stages for acts ranging from solo artists to full bands. While you walk between the stages consisting of porches and lawns, there are plenty of local treats to enjo.y Porch Fest is a family-friendly and community centric event that brings together friends all ages, from near and far to enjoy a variety of musical acts.

3 day of music, food and fun!

August 9- Kick-Off

Saturday, August 10- Founder’s Day Events Include

Sunday, August 11- Great Race
The 46th annual Great Race Team Triathlon at Emerson Park followed by the after party on Deauville Island 

Captain Jack returns for Pirate’s Fest in 2024! Come dressed as your favorite pirate and enjoy a
fun-filled day and night of activities around the beautiful Little Sodus Bay.

If you are looking for a summer co off event visit downtown Auburn for the annual CNY TomatoFest. Enjoy a day of live music, food, family activities, craft vendors and more.

TomatoFest Board & volunteers continue to raise funds and collect food donations to benefit the local food pantries. Stop by for a fun with a mission.

Art Festival at Auburn’s Beautiful Hoopes Park featuring artists, artisans, food vendors, music

Have you ever seen a work of art—maybe a piece of pottery, a comprehensive painting, or a stunning set of jewelry—and found yourself in utter awe? It’s a pretty cool feeling when an object can give you butterflies in your stomach. Art engages your creative mind and helps you imagine a more hopeful future, it activates the reward center of our brains, and it lowers stress. To sum it up, art is good for us in more ways than one.