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woman with dark hair helping herself to a sweet treat from a glass case

Guest Blogger/Intern: Amelia Elston

It’s so important to support local businesses especially when they have so much to offer! On the Sweet Treat Trail there’s an immense amount of talent from the wonderful individuals in the community. Their ability to create amazing products is inimaginable! These include, but are absolutely not limited to, delicious sweet treats, fresh milk, locally sourced honey, and so much more. Let’s discuss some community favorites like Village Market, King Ferry Corner Store, Hillcrest Dairy, and Dugan’s Country Grill

Situated right next to the beautiful Inns of Aurora, the Village Market specializes in tasty treats like flavorful macaroons, a wonderful selection of local products, hot meals, and, well, you just have to see for yourself! Besides the scrumptious goodies, there’s a sense of welcome and community as soon as you walk through the gorgeous front door. At the checkout area, I had the pleasure of speaking to a young woman named Clara who isn’t afraid of friendly conversation. She enthusiastically checked out every person, even giving tourists suggestions of fun places to visit and historical information about the local area. 

When I asked her if trends in media have affected the customers or product base, she discussed how the initiative for locally sourced products is a trend within itself. Clara affectionately explained how one of the Inns biggest initiatives is the push for local consumer goods and services made by the surrounding community. It’s so amazing seeing a community of businesses targeting the brilliance of the local individuals, and the local individuals energetically participating through craft and joy!

The King Ferry Corner Store is another local favorite, mastering in regular grocery items, tasty soups and sandwiches, cookies for your sweet tooth, and a beautiful variety of local products and goods! This store is a great stop for truly anything you need! Other than the delicious meals, treats and  beautiful selection of community goods, the staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. 

I had the opportunity to speak to the owner, Rebecca, who was delighted to answer any questions and speak about the store. One of the most remarkable aspects about King Ferry Corner Store is the homemade cookies delightfully displayed at the front and the stories behind them. They’re all recipes passed down through the family, simply starting as delicious cookies for family and friends. I loved how Rebecca discussed this topic—she expressed how none of the staff are known as professional bakers, but they were able to pull off cookies. “It’s nice to find a homemade cookie,” Rebeeca said, “And the catch is you have a whole bag!” 

Hillcrest Dairy, located in Moravia, NY,  is a great stop for community goods and a first-hand view at their process for bottling their ice cold cow milk—it’s freshly bottled right at their location! The interior is quaint, lined with different snacking items and fridges full of the tasty milk. Hillcrest Dairy experiments with all sorts of diverse milk flavors for special events and/or everyday: plain white, the local favorite chocolate, orange cream (great for frosting!), mint, and more! The in-person experience at their location is amazing, but you can also find their fresh milk at select retailers! 

Last but not least, Dugan’s Country Grill is a local favorite for delicious comfort meals. Not only is the food fresh and homemade, but the staff is incredibly friendly, the atmosphere is cozy, and there’s even a small bar area! Dugan’s Country Grill is an affordable favorite in Aurora, NY, and even more worth it due to the country diner environment and finger-licking food. Grab a seat at the counter, booth, table, or even dine-out and try one of their tasty breakfast platters, burgers, or any breakfast, lunch or dinner meal you’re craving!

Waitress waiting on a couple sitting in a booth and a variety of diners sitting at tables and booths enjoying their food

The Sweet Treat Trail has something for everyone!