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Route 90 - 50 Mile Garage Sale

The Rt 90 Garage Sale is an event that no one person or entity controls. It has grown organically throughout the years with interest from both the supply and the demand side. Each individual decides if he/she would like to do a sale on their yard/field/barn. We have no one, in particular, to contact if the event will be held this year. We, too, will have to wait and see. It is a prediction that depending on the state mandates at the time and the individual's interest in putting up a sale (assuming they are allowed by the state), there will be some people who may opt to have a garage sale that weekend, but most will not welcome people they don't know on their yards and will opt not to have the sale. 

Thank you for your interest in the Route 90 Sale!  The health of our residents and visitors is our #1 priority.



The annual 50 mile Route 90 Garage Sale takes on a festival atmosphere each year as friends, family members and the occasional family dog go searching for surprises.  Stretching along the roadside of Route 90, a New York State Scenic Byway, the sale runs from Montezuma in the north to the Village of Homer at the southern end. 

Along the way you will find everything imaginable from antique andirons to zebra prints and loads of other unexpected delights.  Always the last full weekend in July the official hours for the sale are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, rain or shine. 

If you get hungry during your search for that collectable or unique item, there are plenty of creative food options.  Local clubs, fire departments and organizations put on breakfasts, bake sales, and BBQ's all along the way.  

Looking for the Route 90 brochure?  Click on the image to the left to download your copy of the brochure or call 800-499-9615 to request a copy to be mailed out to you.