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Brick Church School House Image

Brick Church School House

9935 Route 34
Weedsport, NY 132166

Phone: (315) 626-2475


The Cato District No. 2 Schoolhouse began serving the local community in 1861 and continued to serve as a schoolhouse until sometime in 1939. In recent years, while being restored inside, for use as a meeting place for community events, it was discovered that the “chalkboard” was actually a section of one wall that was made of plaster and lathe, smoothed out with a trowel and then painted black. On the inside, over the doors,it still has the signs showing one door was for boys and one was for girls. The schoolhouse is currently under the management of the Civic Heritage Historical Society. Visitors are welcome during operating season from April to August – (Sundays only). The schoolhouse displays items dating from the period from 1920-1930. They can be contacted for group tours during these months by calling 315-626-2475.