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Montezuma Anchorage Paddle Camp Image

Montezuma Anchorage Paddle Camp

447 Bridge Street
Montezuma, NY 13117

Phone: (315) 776-9999


The Montezuma Anchorage Paddle Camp, LLC is nestled between New York State property to the north, the Barge Canal to the west, and the Montezuma Heritage Park and Montezuma Wildlife Refuge to the south. Once a bustling marina, the business and property were closed and left to the elements. In the summer of 2015, after being closed for nearly 25 years, the camp was purchased with the intent to cater to the sportsman and all those who truly love the water and outdoors. The new owners look forward to providing you the access and the means to fully enjoy your outdoor adventures! As we continue to grow, we intend on expanding our docking and offerings while we look forward to being of service to you. Please contact us for rates or to schedule your event.