Black History and Women’s History Month

Visit ‘History’s Hometown’ of Auburn, NY to celebrate Black History and Women’s History special events going on Fun and educational for the family.

February and March we learn, celebrate and share for Black History and Women's History Months respectively. What better place than where the history was actually made?! Come to Cayuga County and walk in the steps of Harriet Tubman, support the Black owned businesses that are here today thanks to the history makers who dedicated their life's work to help us get where we are. These months are highlighted but all year long we can help one another out and support the small businesses that are Black or women owned and operated, and educate ourselves and others. 

Read our latest blog and be on the look out for a Directory to Minority Owned Businesses - a joint project with the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce and CEDA. 

While we are putting that directory together you can find events that are happening around the Bicentennial Birthday of Harriet Tubman at March 10th is Harriet Tubman Day and here in Auburn we celebrate Harriet Tubman Week March 10-15th with special programming and events. We know everyone is still doing their best to be safe and follow best practices for being healthy so there are many virtual options for those that want to participate from the comfort of their homes.