If you love getting off the beaten path and exploring the small towns and villages of the Finger Lakes and you like to eat, following the new’ish’ Finger Lakes Cheese trail is a great day out.  This group of hard working farmers make their delicious cheeses right on their farms, so you can get up close and personal not only with the cheesemaker but sometimes with the cows and goats, too.  There is plenty of variety to choose from.  Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery makes a kefir cheese that’s known for it’s health benefits whereas Keeley’s Cheese Company makes a nutty, brushed rind cheese in the Irish tradition. 4 Tin Fish Farm (they do produce cheese, not fish!) makes creamy mild goat cheeses that are really tasty.  Try them for breakfast on toast or a bagel.  And if you just want really good cheddar, head down to Moravia to Hillcrest Dairy and buy a wedge. Check out Flcheesetrail.com for more details.