The Finger Lakes region has fabulous assets that make it an ideal place to live and travel, including our impressive historical figures who changed the way we live today.

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Among these impactful individuals are our own Harriet Tubman, Frances Seward, Martha Coffin Wright and Emily Howland, all of whom called Cayuga County home. Have you ever pondered what traits you might have that resemble those of amazing trailblazing women that came before us? Take our quiz and find out! After completing the eight-question quiz, you’ll find out your Brave Woman kindred spirit along with a link to learn more about them and the places you can visit in the Finger Lakes to walk in their footsteps. Many women-owned businesses in the Finger Lakes region have taken the quiz, and we’ll tell you which of them have matched up with your kindred spirit. This is a totally different way to explore the Finger Lakes and discover many new small businesses. Take the quiz at Brave Women FLX encourages visitors and residents to celebrate the forward-thinking female pioneers of the Finger Lakes by exploring the historic landmarks and destinations that tell their stories, while supporting the region’s modern-day businesswomen and entrepreneurs and unleashing your inner brave woman.

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There are lots of fantastic ways to enjoy our fiercely beautiful region. In the Brave Women FLX website, you will find four inspirational itineraries that speak to your inner soul — with four different ways to experience the Finger Lakes region, "Where Brave Women Winter."

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"Where Brave Women Breathe." Let fresh air and self-care be your guide. For the traveler who needs to hit pause and be present, there’s no better place to slow down, chill out and regain focus on yourself. Bask in the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes and sign yourself up for some self-care practices like meditation and yoga. Enjoy historic walking tours, healthy local foods, and peaceful lodging at one of our many inns and B&Bs.

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"Where Brave Women Wander." Follow your heart and see where the road takes you. Ramble and roam your way around this region filled with local gems both on and off the beaten path. Seek out historic sites, pop into a woman-owned brewery for a tasting and browse some one-of-a-kind boutiques. Of course, you’ll want to hit a scenic nature trail or two along the way. You never know what hidden treasures you’ll stumble upon during your trip to the Finger Lakes.

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• "Where Brave Women Indulge." Treat yourself to some well-deserved luxury. If you’re looking for a rich experience in every way, you’ve found your little slice of heaven. Local history, gourmet restaurants, craft breweries, decadent bakeries and boutique shopping — the options for indulging are endless. Take your pick from a variety of luxurious hotels and spas offering world-class accommodations and services.

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"Where Brave Women Connect." Put the "remote" in remote work. Mingle business with pleasure on a trip to the Finger Lakes, where you can connect with one another, connect with nature and connect with trailblazers both past and present. Settle in and find your new favorite coffee shop, boutique or craft brewery. No need to disconnect from work — you’ll find plenty of modern accommodations and amenities to set up your office away from home.

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Karen Kuhl is executive director of the Cayuga County Office of Tourism and can be reached at The office is the designated tourism promotion agency for Cayuga County and promotes the county’s attractions, events, and lodging establishments. For more information, visit