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Yesterday’s Culture is the Shell of Today’s Culture

By: Justin Harris

Hundreds of years of oppression ironically facilitated and fueled a culture of freedom fighting in America. Out of this freedom Black Americans could find full expression and develop a culture that wasn’t related to African heritage or their bondage.

The staples and stereotypes of black culture range from fried chicken to hip hop music. Black influence can be seen everywhere in today’s society. Though being black in America is a very distinct experience, Black Culture and American culture are the same thing. The story of how Black Americans came to be is the founding of America. It was thanks to freedom seekers and freedom fighters that America was forced to uphold its own ideals.

In upstate New York there were countless people fighting for the rights of black Americans during the 1800s. In Auburn New York we are proud to be called Harriet Tubman’s chosen home town. It’s because of her and people like her that America has progressed as far as it has. Many still argue that white supremacists ideals of yesterday still uphold systematic racism. This is the crux of the fight of Black Americans today. If Harriet Tubman was still alive today she would still be fighting this fight. She fought to bring freedom seekers out of bondage. She fought during the civil war and secured crucial victories for the Union. She stood up for women’s rights by helping establish women’s groups. She opened her home to anyone and everyone because she believed everyone deserves love. Harriet Tubman facilitated an inclusive way of living in a society so divided by superficial differences.

Looking back at Black History can change the way one see’s America. Much like an individual is a lot of trauma, but also a lot of potential. The Conductor Tours, a tour agency in Auburn New York, exclusively tells Harriet’s story to inspire everyone to create tomorrow’s culture today. The way a person lives today will decide the society and culture of tomorrow. Black culture is constantly evolving alongside American culture. To see where the potential of the future lies sometimes requires looking at the past.

This Black History Month we urge you to look into the dark past and let it light your way forward to a new future. Happy Black History Month.

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