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Hojack Trail Image

Hojack Trail

106 Lake Drive
NY 13088


This off-road, multi-use trail extends through the Town of Sterling along an abandoned railroad bed. Permitted uses include hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The Hojack Trail extends west into Wayne County and east into Oswego County. ATV use allowed from 4/15 -10/1 from Oswego to Cato. Note: Trail is maintained by the Cayuga County Parks and Trails Department.
Please be advised that legally only the Oswego Valley ATV club members are allowed to ride ATV’s on the Cato – Fair Haven and eastern section of the Hojack Trail due to their contract with Cayuga County. ATV usage is prohibited by law as posted by signage at trail junctions on County trails. The agreement with the Oswego Valley ATV Club is a limited exception specifically for the club members.